Best Chain & Sprocket Item # H78 – H2 “H” Class Mill Chain Attachment With High Quality Cheap sales price cost near me shop Custom roller size allowed

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Dimensions are given in inches.
factory of roller chains. Conveyor chains, engineered chains, silent chains, and tabletop chains are also available. Other power transmission products include pillow blocks, conveyor idlers, conveyor pulleys, drive shafts, gear racks, gear reducers, gears, overrunning clutches, motor bases, pulleys, screw conveyors, shaft couplings, sheaves, speed reducers, sprockets, tapered bushings, tensioners, torque limiters, and universal joints. Services such as bearing reconditioning and repair, ball screw repair, custom contract machining, gearbox repair and overrunning clutch repair services are available. Roller chains can be used in conveyor and machinery manufacturing, industrial processing, machine rebuilding, waste water, sand and gravel, tool and die, steel, metals and scrap processing industrial applications. Specifications

Applications Served



Dimensions<!–H2 H Class Attachment–>



Dimension (J)


Dimension (K)


Dimension (P)


Dimension (T)


Dimension (W1)


Avg. W8

6.5 lb/ft

Applications Served

conveyors forest products high-temperature industrial ovens produce washdown sugar harvesting water treatment